VAXSYS - Implementation

Cruise Lines

Getting Life Back to Normal . . . One Vaccination at a Time!

VAXSYS Technologies, Inc. provides an end-to-end system for securely and anonymously determining if individuals have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Using the latest authentication technologies at points of vaccination and public entry, the VAXSYS System allows businesses, schools, universities, and buildings to open safely and securely - enabling our ability to again confidently interact in public spaces.

  • Airport ImplementationRecovery - For cruising to recover, passengers and crew will need to be properly screened prior to embarking, and all visitors, new passengers and supplier personnel screened at every port of call, so that everyone is kept safe and virus free.
  • Airport ImplementationPassengers - As vaccines will become widely available in 2021, the cruise industry will require a system which ensures all passengers and staff are fully vaccinated before embarkation. VAXSYS is that system.
  • Airport ImplementationScreening - As part of their boarding process, cruise lines can screen all passengers and crew by simply reading ID using any smartphone running the VAXSYS App.
  • Airport ImplementationCOVID-19 Area Access - Cruise line passengers and all entrants (employees, staff, security personnel), can be screened for the COVID-19 vaccination by simply passing their VAXSYS CARD over an NFC-enabled smartphone running the VAXSYS App.
Hospital Implementation

The VAXSYS Enrollermore . .

  • At the time and place of vaccination, the Enroller will read vaccine information, biographic information (to the extent required by CDC) and create an individual record including date and time. The enroller will encrypt that record and store it in a designated secure database.

    As an option, the encrypted record may be encoded into an RFID smartcard which is given to the person vaccinated.

Hospital Implementation

The VAXSYS Databasemore . .

  • The encrypted vaccination record may be stored in the secure VAXSYS Database, or in any equivalent database designated by the enrolling organization, or in both.

Hospital Implementation

The VAXSYS Screenermore . .

  • Downloaded onto any smartphone, the VAXSYS Screener App will read a person’s ID and immediately and anonymously determine that person’s vaccination status, showing it by a red or green smartphone screen. Optionally, the VAXSYS Card can be read by the same App.

VAXSYS - Technology Partners

Creating the VAXSYS System for national COVID-19 vaccination registration and verification, VAXSYS Technologies has integrated key leading-edge technologies from its founding industry partners, Iris ID Systems and Gen2Wave. Learn more about these progressive companies and exciting new technologies.

Iris Authentication . . read more

The VAXSYS System uses iris data, collected at the time of vaccination via a non-invasive, 'contact-less' scan to create a new VAXSYS account, and store and update vaccination history and status.

Mobile Biometrics . . read more

For VAXSYS on-site identity authentication, system enrollment and profile updating, the RP70A BIO is invaluable; with its 'contact-less' iris scan and on-board arsenal of biometric hardware and software technologies.

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