Durable SMART Health Card - Markets

Durable SMART Health Card Markets

Markets for the VAXSYS Durable SMART Health Card System fall into two categories: Consumer Applications and Healthcare Deployment. For consumers, the SMART Health Card System may be implemented by enterprise, commercial, educational and entertainment organizations, providing a straight-forward way for health and vaccination information to be available. For Healthcare organizations, the system provides a non-invasive, accurate and secure way to ensure that their patients' current medical information is always available.

Consumer Applications

The VAXSYS Durable SMART Health Card is an easy to use, accurate and secure way for organizations to screen their patrons for medical history, such as COVID-19 vaccination screening. The patron may then use his or her card for admittance to any of the organization's locations requiring proof of vaccination, with no patron Smartphone required.

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Healthcare Deployment

For Healthcare organizations, the VAXSYS Durable SMART Health Card System provides a non-invasive, easy to use, accurate, and secure way to make individual medical history always available. Patients may be enrolled, their medical records integrated, and a personalized durable SMART Medical Card printed on-site–all in about 5 minutes.


Healthcare Agencies

Private Healthcare


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